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Thalergut - Fam. Ebner


The Ebner family regards its garden at Thalergut at Oberaich in Bruck an der Mur is its greatest gift. Which is why they follow the motto “natural – kind – good”.

And you will definitely be able to taste it when trying one of the family’s many products lovingly made from the fruits harvested in the garden. From fine fruit spreads, fiery chutneys, sweet mustards, black nuts (a special treat) and syrups to pickled fruits to herb salts.

Some of these products can be purchased at Hofladen farm shop and yet, you never know which ones as the family loves to experiment and thus puts ever new creations on the shelves.


Our garden is our centrepiece. It provides us with so much that we turn into valuable products with the resources available to us.



We look forward to your visit to the Hofladen from Thursday to Sunday, from 9.30 am to 6pm.

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