Kepka & Sons


Sadly, hat making is a dying industry. And thus, it’s all the more exciting to find out that there are still people who are dedicated to this craft – people like Karin Krahl-Wichmann.

Since 1910, Kepka (Russian for “little hat”) has been standing for premium quality hats from downtown Graz. At Wickenburggasse 20, Karin Krahl-Wichmann has been producing various models for 15 years now.

“Graz’s hat maker” loves traditional styles just as much as classic, modern and elegant ones. Her skills put the finishing touches on every outfit – like putting a frame around a portrait. Interested persons may visit her in her show workshop or register for a hat making workshop.

In any case, her creations have a permanent place on the shelves of Hofladen farm shop.


Hats are always in season, highlighting the personality of their wearers. - Karin Krahl-Wichmann



We look forward to your visit to the Hofladen from Thursday to Sunday, from 9.30 am to 6pm.

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