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Gingerbread Regner


For four generations the family Regner leads the bakehouse in Seckau. Hence, Quality has a long tradition and you can taste it too - especially for the Hofladen, a distinct house mix was created.

In 1995, Michael Regner started looking for gingerbread recipes in his grandfather's old papers. And found them. "At that time, the survival of a small business was quite difficult, and I wanted to avert the crisis with gingerbread", he recalls. For a long time, he worked with his children Gregor, Johanna and Andrea on the recipes and tinkered. His plan was, to reduce the usual spiciness and replace it with new ingredients.

Today, the many delicious gingerbreads are produced according to different recipes from July to mid-December. Cause that's the gingerbread high season in Seckau. The most special feature: The four main ingredients, honey, flour, eggs and milk are all from the region and are enriched with many other ingredients.



We look forward to your visit to the Hofladen from Thursday to Sunday, from 9.30 am to 6pm.

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