David Kargl - Kühbrein Cider


Cider has a long tradition at the Kühbrein Farm. They have been producing apple cider for generations and passing on experience to the next, leading to ever better products.

Nevertheless, cider from back in the day cannot be compared to today’s. Kühbrein’s philosophy of organic farming is of special significance for their business and thus also includes their fruit farming.

Kühbrein Cider is a sparkling concoction of apple cider and apple juice. Available in slim 0.33l bottles, Kühbrein Cider is a perfect refreshment for warm summer evenings and also makes a great aperitif. Well chilled and served in a wine glass, its apple flavour can fully unfold.


Following the motto ‘dedicated to organic farming’ we strive to turn fruits in their original form into an exclusive beverage. - David Kargl


We look forward to your visit to the Hofladen from Thursday to Sunday, from 9.30 am to 6pm.

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